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   March  26, 2014


UNDP saves a large area of land for deprived community in Chitral.

The people of Chitral are no doubt fortunate to have been blessed with NGOs and the people who own and or run these NGOs and who very much know their social responsibilities about unprivileged and deprived people of backward Chitral that remains cut off from rest part of the country for about 4 to 5 months during the year. This is an admitted fact that Government fund is not that much enough to meet the increasing heartfelt need of the area. Hence coming of NGOs to meet the need is a blessing for the people. The leading NGOs that developed Chitral for the people, are Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) working in Chitral for improving the living condition of the people during the much needy days. We the people also know that following AKDN many other NGOs entered Chitral and did excellent job for the people of Chitral. These are like Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP), CADP, CIADP and many others working for improving the living condition of the people.

Chitral located in between the famous ranges always pose to threat of flood, snow avalanches and earthquake. The residential houses are on the banks of river and the streams. The streams flow in middle of the villages always threatening the houses and there are cases that villages with all their people, houses, livestock, land with standing crops have been washed away or buried under mud flood, heavy boulders and under snow avalanches.

FOCUS HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANT PROGRAM of Aga Khan Development Network has done and is doing remarkable jobs providing assistance directly to affectees and prepare people to face the challenges of disaster through hazard awareness program in northern Pakistan.

UNDP is in Chitral now with technology and support for saving the villages of disaster caused by glacial lake outburst flood that is always threatening the people in some villages of Chitral. We are fortunate that UNDP is in Chitral, has done an excellent job and it is believed that the villages like Gohkir in upper Chitral and villages down in the District are protected from glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF). UNDP project seems to be more sustainable simply because the UNDP officials involved local community and made community its owner. Giving ownership to local community no doubt becomes shall be a sustainable project.

Chitral people look towards UNDP to continue its projects saving the lives, their farm land, residential houses and source of living that always pose to glacial lake outburst flood. These villages are Chitral Town in UC Chitral, Drosh in UC Drosh, Booni, Reshun, in UC Charun, Mastuj, Sarghuz Laspur, Brep, Dizg/Khruzg, Phashk, Meragram-2, Wasum/Zhupu, Yarkhunlasht in UC Mastuj-Laspur-Yarkhun and Sivaht, Royee in UC Garumchishma that need protection.

Liaquat Ali



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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