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      January 10, 2014


Qalandar suggests Flour mills for Chitral

These lines are in reply to the statement of an advisor to CM. KPK who suggests two flour mills for Chitral. The honourable advisor is hereby advised to know about Chitral before suggesting his valued views. The question of such mills was floated more than a decade ago and the Advisor knows nothing about that. His logic is quite surprising that the water mills in Chitral cannot grind grain in winters. This is a shining proof of his ignorance of ground realities. The wheat supply system to Chitral must remain as it is, and any such mill system is not acceptable to the people. We prefer water mills to Costly Flour mills that is another way to rob the people by another industrialist . perhaps the Advisor has some friends who own flour mills and want to reach chitral with their nefarious designs. No FLOUR MILLS....BUT ONLY LOCAL WATER MILLS are preferred, understand Mr. Qalandar Khan sahib!

Prof. R.K.Baig,


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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