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      January 01, 2014


Risky lawari top traveling

Dear Sir

Through your esteem on line paper I want to put forward two suggestions for the Lawar tunnel mesh..to pay off the loan burden to be paid to tunnel maker company...

The Lawari top has become a high risk business for travelers. the administration and all the partners are deliberately putting the lives of people at risk to force them to travel through the snow laden, brutally cool and slippery top...

I humbly put forward these two suggestion to minimize the risk of top traveling in highly unfavorable weather conditions.

1--That a mass campaign for contributions be started across Chitral like Rs-1000/house hold
2--The crossing vehicle be charged Rs-1000/ or more each per one sided trip.
see what happens

Dr Karim Booni


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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