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   December 22, 2014



Enough is Enough

The brutal, inhuman atrocities perpetrated by the ‘ Zaliman’ is on a scale that no words can describe. We have our heartiest sympathies with the parents , sisters and brothers of the innocent victims of the Army School. It is time for all of us to unite and forge ahead unitedly to eliminate this curse of Talibanization of the region by a handful of militants who know nothing about the teachings of Islam but claim to be Muslim but work on foreign Agenda and get instruction from headquarters based outside the country..

All Pakistanis, old or young, men or women, can play positive role and coordinate to face this threat to our National integrity. Our Army is already in the field sacrificing immensely and has been suffering heavily but it must not be left to the Pak Army only. They are playing their role meritoriously and will do so in future, we hope, but we, the civilians should also join the Army and help them in what ever manner they need help , at any front.

There are thousands of retired soldiers who can man certain check posts in any part of the country especially the worst affected areas as well as civilian retired men who are in quite good healthy position to help the Jawans of our Army and help in so many useful ways. We can use fire arms to stand guards, guard supply lines, communication lines, and many can also fight from a deep patriotic zeal for the nation. We have been born and brought up in this soil and we have utilized its natural resources, we have eaten its food and drunk its water, we have walked on the footpaths of this country then why cannot we come forward to help our Jawans to save it from the nefarious designs of our enemies who are bent upon bringing destruction to our homeland.

I also ask the religious sections, the Ulemas to be open in their thinking and shed their prejudices to save the country. If the country is stable then the Ulema can also avail of the opportunities. Had they no Pakistan as they desired at the time of the creation of this homeland then by this time Modi would have done the same thing to them for their negative approach as he did to the innocent Muslims in Indian Gujrat. If Pakistan stands strong then the Ulema can also perform their religious duties perfectly plus material gains or they are nowhere.

My dear countrymen: we claim to be Muslims but our forefathers laid down their lives for this homeland and for the idea on which its foundations were laid. The disciples of our Holy Prophet PBUH accompanied him to save the infant Muslim State of Madina in the scorching heat of the desert of Arabia and laid down their lives for the cause that is the basis of the State of Pakistan. We can also help each other to save our homeland by standing side by side with our Army and form a corps of Volunteers of Civilians either retired or civil society members and get a short duration training and then join the line of the Armed Forces as helpers. If we , the men of older generation, fail to come forward to give an example to our younger generation then we are of no use and our position as idle and silent spectator will be shameful. We have to set an example at this juncture of history to feel our responsibility as senior citizens of this State to motivate our young generation by coming out first to lead the young men to move forward to stave off the designs of our enemies.

If the seniors citizens fail to set example to the young ones then the nation is doomed so it is our duty, we the older ones- we have to move first to form volunteer groups and offer our services to the nation and foster the desire of sacrifice and motivate the younger men to be inspired by our zeal and practical show of our patriotism. We have already led our lives and seen enough but we don’t want to see any more massacre of our innocent children. we can spread the message of peace and do some good if not much but penny make pounds.

In the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson: (Taken from Ulysses) ‘ ………………………….You and I are old;
Old age hath yet his honour and his toil.
Death closes all; but something ere the end,
Some work of noble note, may yet be done,
not unbecoming men that strove with gods.’

Let us give our moral, physical and material support to our Jawans who are at the Fronts chasing the insurgents from pillar to post and post to pillar. They are doing an exceptional duty with their lives on their palms but the enemy is stubborn, the milieu is toxic, the political scenario is hostile all around us that needs to be comprehended and understood properly or we might loose if we make delay any more. Our Army is , in my opinion, not enough in number to hold the borders on the four sides of the country. The number of the Army needs to be increased by 50% and defence Budget to be increased accordingly. Some Economist would disagree with me but the country and the security of the borders is my first concern, I can do without tea, without sugar, without dalda, without boot polish, without toothpaste, without cigarettes, without new dress, without milkpack, without soap, without shampoo, without perfume, without vehicle, without Naswar, without TV, Without mutton, without beef, without chicken, without new shoes but I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT PAKISTAN.

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig,


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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