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   December 07, 2014



Petroleum Prices & Inflation

Prices of petroleum products have once again been reduced and now prices have come to 2008 level in Pakistan. But the point is I am unable to find any price difference in daily usage things. Eggs per dozen costs between Rs. 110-120, live poultry chicken is available at Rs. 160 per kilogram. Vegetables, fruits prices are also not reduced (but are always raised when ever petrol prices are increased). Prices of grocery items are also not reduced.

The big question is who is responsible for this? Why not prices are going down? Federal and provincial government must take strict action to bring prices down. This also shows that government has failed in controlling prices and they have no plan/setup for forcing manufacturers and market traders to give relief to consumers on account of fall in transportation cost.

Mubashir Mahmood
KARACHI, Pakistan


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