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   December 02, 2014



Identity in the modern World

Life has some principles and standards of behavior which we call values. It is distraction from our values that has a profound effect on our personalities and giving individual freedom a negative meaning, where we never take responsibility for our behavior and use strength to harm those who are weaker has taken over our cultural norms and values. Ever since life has come to existence there had been some standards and specific cultural norms built in order to best spend one’s life, but modern age has proved to be indifferent. The way of living has so changed and we are now almost missing cultural norms and values, this has made a profound change in our personalities. Our personalities have become so rigid and mean that we do not think beyond our own interests by never taking responsibility for our own behavior because we are not answerable to anybody for it. We are free to behave whatever way brings us comfort and fame. In the entire World, the only person we see is our own good self. It would be better to say happiness is not taking responsibility of one’s own behavior in the modern Era. Our behavior can effect someone’s feelings, someone’s life and more importantly some ones emotion. We must be careful with our behavior and if something goes wrong because of our behavior we are responsible for it. These kinds of thoughts were seen long ago when values and norms existed but today it is mostly seen that we claim others responsible for our own behavior. we are too busy to notice values and norms because we need our identity to be on a good position no matter even if we have to pay with blood of others we feel no guilt doing it. Many political leaders in most of the developing countries know that miserable condition of life in their country is badly their fault but they keep on denying that country failures are their responsibility. It is their behavior towards the country that makes it suffer by not providing a welfare state.

How many times you have heard of US involving in false flag against war with countries like Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq for her own personal interests by making stupid pretentions? It is actually making use of strength to harm those who are weaker in terms of power. This is how international politics as well national politics and politics with in different Nongovernmental organization Governmental organization and private businesses go. Power is with those who has more strength but cannot it be used for better terms like peace, like think win-win, solidarity?? Identity in modern era means using power to harms others. It means to compress those who are weak; it means to bribe someone for a post you never belong to, it means to involve yourself in corruption as possible you can and it mean stay disloyal to people for your own profit.

Much has harmed our norms and values, people are grown odd just to have a fame identity. Such an identity which is created by making others responsible for your own faults such identity where we look down on weaker. Freedom is so misused which has caused us loose our real identity based on our norms and cultural values.

Rakhshinda Shakir



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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