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      March 22, 2013


By: Samiul Haq Kosht Soragh

Being a student of MBA always I have been attracted towards advertisements, advertising agencies, advertising models, their merits and demerits etc. indeed advertisements are for the publicity of goods and services on behalf of manufacturing companies to attract consumer towards their products. They are so frequently given that they have become permanent part of our life. One is always their attack. From the time a person is born to the time he dies, he is under their influence and many of his purchases are affected by them. A person starting for an office stands at the bus stop and see advertisements posters of various kinds on the wall and also on the sign boards along the road side. He gets on the bus and see advertisement of different products either pasted out side or in side the bus. Than he gets down the bus and goes into his office. When he reads newspaper he face advertisements again. After attending office he come back home. I the evening he wants recreation and for that he turn on the television. He again finds that there are many advertisements which intervene between him and his performances all the day long. A man hears and sees at least a hundred advertisements. Advertisements are of many kinds. There are advertisements in newspapers, on radio, on television and internet etc. The newspaper advertisements are only in printed form, on radio advertisements have only audio effect. On television and internet advertisements have audio as well as visual effect. Some advertisements are sung to attract people. The television and internet advertisements have greater influence then any other type of advertisements and this is the reason y they are so short and expensive.

Advertising is mainly patteronized by manufacturer. They produce their product on large scale, for their sale they have to advertise otherwise their factories will not sell much and there product will be low. In free democratic countries, there are advertisements of varying types. There were less advertisements in early centuries but now they are widely used, because of the competition among advertising companies who employ beautiful and young models, have elaborate studies for this purpose.

In advertisement on Bank account, you will see a family that is in all respect happy and joyful; children getting higher education and being a great success, getting married with great pumps and show and have all the amenities of life.

Advertisements have many merits and demerits. It depends upon the honesty of advertisers and manufacturers how they use the medium of information and publicity.

Among the merit of advertisements is the fact that that people are informed about the use of various products. People get to know about new product in the market. Good advertisements inform about the product quality, price and place where these products are easily available, if the use of different articles and the mean of their self longer life was also given advertisements would become very constructive to educate the public.

People should guard themselves against the exaggeration of advertisements. They should not let their purchases be affected by advertisements. They should try to know what the actual advantages of an article are and whether the facts given in advertisements are realistic or not. They should not believe with closed eyes what they see or hear. Several advertisements may be given for different brands of the same article which is being produced by different factories under different names.

Advertisements are blame for inflation (general raise in prices). The source of advertisements is very expensive thus there is increase in prices of articles which are not produce in large scale. The manufacturers spent more money on advertisements then on the actual production and transport of the product. If the product is produced in mass, this expense is divided among the unit of product and thus the cost remains low, otherwise the prices go soon high and create inflation in the country.


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