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  January 06, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH The Almighty

Appeal to Mr. Chief Justice Peshwar Court for Justice

Respected Sir,

I humbly bring your kind attention toward the situation faced by the candidates falling on merit and has frustrated our minds remaining unsolved also postponing our appointments for more than six months, and fortunately it is now under your kind judgment.
The brief history of the matter is that, about seven months back elementary and secondary education of district Chitral advertised to fill vacant teaching posts in different respects across the district including AT,TT, PST, CT and PET etc, along with the terms and conditions for selection.
Since in the recent policy of education system formulated by the provincial cabinet , candidates having degrees with science subjects were given priority over degree holders with arts subjects by the allotment of additional marks to science i.e five marks each for F.Sc. B.Sc & M.Sc, to improve science and technology through out the region. The education authorities of the said district honestly and transparently conducted all the required processes for the selection including interviews also.

But unfortunately these posts fell into abeyance, when the opponents viz arts degree holders sought judgment against the cabinet decision and petitioned in Peshawar high court. Now I have come to know that this case has been moved to swat darul qaza and is under your honour jurisdiction looking for immediate decision.

So I solemnly and with great respect request your honour to make the hearing in short possible time to compensate our distress.

With best regards

Shafeeq Ahmad
Distt Chitral.



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