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      March 20, 2013


Chitral-Booni Road

I would like to remind the district Authorities that the Chitral- Booni road has seen a very rough treatment from their corner. At Denin-just inside the city- the road has been cut by the torrent of the river and some work was started but it moves at a snail speed and most part of the incline of the river is still left neglected. If it is not repaired immediately the next month work on it will be out of control .The contractor and the deptt. should be forced to take immmediate action otherwise valuable property and lands shall be washed away by the river and summer will make it impossible to divert the river and tackle the matter. At Reshun and Zait section the road was washed away 4 years ago and no progress was made by the authorities concerned. The poor performance of the deptt. should be taken notice of even by NAB and the MPA is to be asked as why did he fail to repair a 300 meter road during his office when he claims to represent that part of the district. At Gram Lasht the road has been badly damaged but no notice was taken of its dying condition and that is the most risky section and requires urgent attention. This road is the only valuable asset done in the district in the past 30 years but negligence of the authorities concerned has brought it to the present pitiable position.

Rahmat Karim Baig
Sabzi Mandi Chitral



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