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      March 20, 2013


Devastating condition of Lowari tunnel

Dear Sir

Through the esteem daily Chitral times I want to draw the attention of authorities for a most urgent and a critical national issue.

I want to draw the devastating condition of Lawari tunnel where the breathing to sustain human life has become a high risk to all types of passengers’ happened to be the passenger traveling from Dir to ‘chitral on 18th .More than 200 stranded light vehicles and 100 truck were allowed to pass from Chitral to Dir first starting form 11 am and ending at 4.20 pm. Ironically the environment inside the tunnel was so critically harassing and suffocating due to smoke from the exhaust of the pure smoke throwing vehicles specially from trucks and other heavy traffic. There were no lights, no exhaust, no indicators and the road was so jumpy and bumpy that I can't explain the situation. In the land cruiser owned by a Diruchi driver had many ladies sitting inside and they started crying and reciting holy Quran. The poor people were breathing the pure smoke and the tunnel oxygen concentration was hardly 2% which normally should be 21% in room air.

As a medical doctor I would like to request the authorities to please look into this serious national matter and do justice with people. I can say with high level of confidence that People suffering from heart and lungs ailment will definitely suffer and serious damage they can have to their health.

Secondly the security checking of such huge number of vehicle is almost impossible thus exposing the lives of thousands of human and the most precious tunnel at high level risk.

I would like to suggest the following
That the tunnel must be opened round the clock as to minimize the risk of exposure to a very dense smoke and a critical level of security threat as well.

That construction work can be started when the top is cleared off the snow and the traffic is diverted.
The chitrali nation as their tradition must be resilient in decisions like these to minimize the harm.
NHA is requested to please manage the tunnel scientifically.

Dr. A Karim
Aga Khan Hospital Booni
Chitiral KPK


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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