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    February 19, 2013


In The Name of ALLAH  The Almighty


We are a free nation. We have our own culture, civilization and have our own National Language. Each of them is our national heritage and is very dear to us. As a true Pakistani, we love our national language and develop it under proper plan. It seldom means that we make use of the national language even where it is not working if we do so, we would naturally suffer.

We are in modern space age. Development is every field are fast taking place throughout the world some nation are advanced and others are developing.

We in Pakistan have been endeavoring to have our share in such advancements. We have made head way but we have still to go a long way. Your will agree that for this we need higher education and quality education we need command over English. Because, higher knowledge in every field is only in English. Medicine, engineering, space, computer, electronics and alike. We simply canít imagine about learning in these fields without first acquiring mastery over English. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH), has said, acquire knowledge even if your have to go to China. That means to got out in pursuit of learning and learn but we can successfully do that when we have command over this international language, English, which at present at least, is the source of all knowledge. How can we do that? Of course, the best method is to adopt is as a medium of instruction in all Govt. Schools and colleges at primary level to master. The need for English is not restricted to acquisition of knowledge alone. We equally need if for our relations, the world over with the passage of time the world is becoming a global village and that the English is the one, spoken and understood all over, is so obvious so the paramount need for English language.

Samiul Haq Kosht Soragh



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