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    February 19, 2013


In The Name of ALLAH  The Almighty

Role of Political Parties in Pakistan

In our Pakistan different kind of political parties are found. Democratic, liberal, relational and religious political parties are existing in Pakistan. As for as there role is concern that is totally futile and inept. The political parties of our country are completely unaware of there real objectives. They only want to seek power by hook or crock. Although political parties always have a group of people having common thinking and objectives. But in our country these political parties always adopt unconstitutional way to bring the opposition down.

To govern the country towards prosperity, development, and success, it is necessary for the political parties to establish there real objectives. First of all they have to seek power through constructional means, without rigging in general elections, and to make the government according to aspirations of the people of Pakistan. There interest must be the articulation of masses. They always have to talk about national interest and try to achieve them frequently. These political parties have to make unity and discipline among themselves and aim to unite the country in the same way. The have to educate the masses about the national and international crises and make frequent solution to these problems. To respect the general will rather than individual. These political parties have to make effective accountability system to eradicate corruption from Pakistan. This is the only way for these political parties to put Pakistan in to a new horizon of prosperity and social welfare state.

Samiulhaq Kosht Soragh Chitral



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