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    February 17, 2013


In The Name of ALLAH  The Almighty

Real sense of Responsibility.

Dear Sir

Coming from Peshawar sadder to University I was carried by a bus whose conductor was a special person. His one leg was missing and he took help of a stick which was fastened to his shoulder. In this MAN I observed the real sense of responsibility. He was a boy of 20 years old with brown eyes and gray hairs. He was making sure to stay the bus in a proper place at bus stop. He was collecting tickets and performing other customer service duties properly. He was trying to attract more and more passengers towards the bus. He was ensuring either the bus follows applicable safety rules and practices. Simply he was fully aware of his job description and his zeal and enthusiasm for proper execution of his duties was exceptionally meritorious.

Today in our society we usually speak about the position ones hold. Generally we have a little consideration whether a person is carrying out his duties properly. No one speak about the passion of a peon rather narrate a long story of the tea party arranged in honor of him or her with appreciation of the head master after visiting a school. We frequently show gratefulness about the attitude of a doctor but have no idea about the sweeper. It does not mean that I have no regards for teachers and doctors. They are the most honorable constituent of our society. But behind there successful humanitarian assistance some hands are working and these helping hands usually goes un noticed and un appreciated.

So in my idea the man and the post he or she possess is not important rather the eagerness shown by him or her towards his or her job is important and should be valued and credited.

Javeed Farooqi
Peshawar University



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