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    February 17, 2013


In The Name of ALLAH  The Almighty


We the people of Chitral are fortunate to have been blessed with beautiful land full of minerals, gemstone, forest, glaciers, water, passes, fruits, houses, shrines and above all peace loving people with rich inherited culture, habits and values. This is the God greatest gift given to the people of Chitral. Location of Chitral is again adding to its importance in our beautiful Pakistan. We the people of Chitral are again fortunate to have been able gaining fame name and are understood “Chitralis are peaceful and honest people” in Pakistan. All opinion makers of Chitral must agree that in future Chitral shall definitely be developed but what about the development of the people of Chitral. If we let others to come as owner, this would make us like the people of Murree which are no more in existence, either out or working as chokidar, cook or salesmen.

The need is that no doubt we should encourage people from outside for investment in business but our national and private property specially our land must be used as capital investment in business. Hence we should be business partner. There are many options of using our land making it more profitable for self and also for children instead of selling it on others. If we are unable to run business by our self, we should contact and join others for a partnership business or for a company.

Secondly, the most important thing is that we all should stand up against those who, now understood, have acquired leases of all industrial stones mainly antimony, iron ore, lead, copper and etc of whole Chitral from Arandu to Yarkhunlasht, Rech and Gobore but are not mining in the area. These groups are said to be Shon Group and Central Exchange are now owners of whole Chitral mines. Sound parties of Chitral when approach mineral department KPK for lease are straight away rejected saying that there is no free area for grant of lease in Chitral.

Through this page of paper may I request the people of Chitral, Chitral print and electronic Media to raise this issue and approach the court for sue motto action for cancellation of their lease and grant lease to the people of Chitral. Leaders of our political parties in Chitral should also take up this issue with their provincial and national level leaders making it a top point in their manifestation for coming general election.

Liaquat Ali
Dolomuch Chitral.




mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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