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      December 30, 2013



Negligence of SBB University Upper Dir,

Dear Sir,

I hereby through this letter bring sad news into your knowledge that Sheringal Benazir Bhutto University Upper Dir has been showing their incompetence in every examination either itís the B.A/B.Sc examination or the B.Ed. Recently B.Ed examination was held in September 2013 where I appeared as a candidate. My subject combination was:
1. Computer Education (Elective)
2. Teaching of Mathematics
3. Teaching of Physical Science
Along with other compulsory subjects.

The main shocking news that was a blow to my hard work and my passion for availing Educational Degree was that when the results were announced I was declared failed in the subject Foundation of Education which is and elective subject, replaced with Computer Education as itís my Major.

I also informed this issue along with another missing subject in my Roll Number slip that was Teaching of Mathematics which I also appeared in to the Controller of Examination Ms. Farzana when she came to the Examination Hall for inspection. The thing that saddens me as well is that when she told her P.A to note it down he had to look for paper to write it down, which he finally found in his pocket and wrote it there which might be a receipt, Allah known well.
Besides all these how come a University can have such incompetent clerical staff who is not literate and faithful to their job and play with the lives of the youth in such a way.

I with this letter and with the help of free media want to share this horrendous act of studentsí right violation with all those people out there especially the HEC who have set blind eyes to such kind of Universities who are nothing but a business and take action against them.

Thanking you,
Asfandiar Ali


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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