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      December 26, 2013


 “We are those who’ll lead the world”

Respected Sir,

Through your esteem newspaper I want to draw the attention of our youth towards a serious problem of our society and I want to realize them that what are we doing for our country now? Why are we so calm and not taking our responsibilities seriously?.......
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

We are the future of our country, if we won’t take a stand today, then it will be too late to take a step later. This is how life works, it won’t stop for anyone. It’s our time to lead the world. If we won’t try then future generation will pay price of our deeds.
We are those who’ll lead the world through our knowledge, education, power of unity, success, new researches, some changes, eliminating crime ratio, eliminating corruption, nepotism, everything which is harming our society and then whole world.

In future one of us will be doctor, engineer, architect and so on. If we will become a doctor we will be able to treat various treated and most importantly we will be serving our country’s citizens. We will be politician we will be able to fight against unfair and will of our country on roads of success. If we will become an engineer we will be able to build every possible thing that could make our country successful.

My husband always teaches me to make myself ideal because according to him I am one of those who’ll lead the world. In age of teens it’s our time to learn but sorry to say that we are not sincere with our responsibilities and only few of us are learning with such great interest. We are learning just for achieving degree, status and a job, then a future full of corruption, inflation, illiteracy, and poverty, poor health is clearly visible. We are the bright future of our world because we are aware of all the problems, their origin, our lacking, mistakes and will be able to stand by own selves. In future we will be able to speak for ourselves. We will solve these problems and will try not to repeat the mistakes again and again. Remember! Our one wrong step can ruin the world in few seconds and one right decision or step can bring prosperity in the world.

Sir, I will be very thankful to you if you give my letter a place in your news paper so that our youth can think upon these problems and start thinking for their country and future.

Yours obediently
Bibi Brishna Fardad
1st Year Student
Injigan Public School and College, Garam Chashma.


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