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      December 18, 2013


Suggestion for opening of Lawari Tunnel in winter Season


Every year people of Chitral suffers to the extreme degree due to closure of Lawari Pass road in winter season as a result of heavy snow fall on the pass. Last year access to down country through lawari tunnel was given on three days per week basis which caused serious inconvenience for passengers and numbers of elderly people died on the way waiting to pass the tunnel. This year the case has been further aggravated by giving access to down country on two days two week basis, which means complete disconnection of Chitral from rest of the country for six months. District administration completely failed to communicate gravity of the situation to high-ups of NHA and other government functionaries which created serious despondency among the people of Chitral against government.

SAMBU a Korean company is busy in construction work of the work for the last many years, express inability to allow traffic through the tunnel on the pretension that it disturbs its construction work and delay in completion of the project. It also says that the company must be compensated for this delay in monetary terms. While NHA and government has no provision for this compensation which ultimately result complete disconnection of whole population of Chitral from provincial capital and federal capital for six months when the expected snow could be removed from lawari pass road. In this grim situation if following options are exercised it could solve the problems up to some extent.

1. If SAMBU company is adamant to the compensation it could be collected from the passers-by traffic on the basis of Rs. 100/= per heavy vehicle and Rs. 50 per light vehicle. This amount could be used for compensation to SAMBU if both provincial and federal government have no provision for solving sufferings of Chitrali people in this rainy days.

If easy access is given to traffic through the tunnel then no person could resist in payment of the amount because people of Chitral using lawari tunnel road as last resort in access to the rest of country and not as luxury.

So far neither Federal government nor provincial government have taken any concrete step in opening of tunnel road for the people when lawari pass road will close due to snow fall. If the tunnel road has not been opened for the people in winter season it will result serious consequences for both federal and provincial government and the people will be compelled to open the tunnel through public demonstration which will result law and order situation in the area and the whole responsibility will be on district administration, provincial and federal government especially NHA.

Abdul Nasir,
Human Rights Activist Chitral



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