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      December 12, 2013


Preserve the wildlife and their places

Dear Sir,

The wildlife is a significant ingredient of ecological community as it does have an important role in the environment. Considering the value of wildlife its conservation and management is an important obligation for human beings to sustain the life on the earth planet. Wildlife has ecological value, means the interaction of wildlife with nature or environment and consequently it is meaningful to life. Wildlife provides gene pool for the scientists to carry breeding programs in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery. Wildlife is also a great source of support to human due to its existence on the earth humans get benefit to sustain the life. This is not that wildlife is an important for the sustainability of life but it does have the properties of aesthetical value. Humans enjoy the beauty of wildlife and it does uplift the beauty of the environment.

Besides these that we have discussed in above wildlife is a great source of recreational values like hunting and fishing.

Keeping in view these advantageous of wild life we should understand the imperative of wild life their places, their impact on human society and the impact of human society on their future. It is concluded that we should preserve the wildlife and their places. The good news regarding the cure of an injured Ibex in Chitral is really great news and is a sign of the great move and awareness regarding our resources.

Thanks & Regards,
Faizul Hussain Hamza


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