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      December 5, 2013


Travel through Lowari tunnel on daily basis


Work on Lawari Tunnel has started in the year 2008 with the projected completion year 2011. During last PPP government PM: Gilani diverted Lawari Tunnel funds to Multan and work on the project stopped for the whole period. New government has allocated some amounts of funds for the project and SAMBU Korean company re-started work on the project and probably it will be completed in the near future. During winter season tunnel is the only way to have access of Chitrali people with rest of the country, as Lawari Pass remain close due to snow fall for 6 months. In the last year SAMBU and NHA agreed to open the tunnel for the traffic three days on weekly basis which resulted serious problems for the passers by and numbers of patients and elderly people died on the way waiting for traffic to pass the tunnel.

This year Korean Company SAMBU and NHA further aggravated the situation by developing a mechanism of allowing traffic to use Tunnel two days on two week basis which will result serious inconvenience for the people in Chitral. If this mechanism implemented it will seriously impact life of people in Chitral and even supply of edibles items to the valley will also be halted which will put the whole population in starvation.

People of Chitral are fed up with the attitude of NHA and Korean Company SAMBU because they are trying to put the people into trouble by their ill planning and strategy. District Administration Chitral and political leaders also failed to communicate genuine problem of Chitrali people at Provincial and Federal level. If newly strategy of NHA and SMBU has been implemented during closure of Lawari Pass road then entire population of Chitral will be in miserable condition.

After being hopeless from district Administration and political leaders of Chitral, people of Chitral directly appeal to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Pervez Khatak to directly intervene in the matter and develop such strategy which will solve the problems of Chitralis during current winter season. If work on the tunnel is diverted to other sides, like bridges and roads construction or 5 hours opening of the tunnel is allowed for traffic on daily basis it will solve the problems up to some extent.

Nasir Mehmood
Drosh (Chitral)



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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