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      November 24, 2013



"Peanut Sans Peanut"

Once said my Mom,
Just shut up and be calm,
I would put a crispy note on your palm,
Get out of your blanket,
Please rush to the market,
Donít care about your grace,
Be quick in your pace,
Within thirty minute,
I want to see you in the market,
Take the nearby short-cut,
And bring your favourite peanut,
By hearing the word,
I jumped forward,
Without being late,
Though slow in my pace,
I reached the place,
The shopkeeper took the money,
And said Thanks coated with honey,
My precious, so delicious,
Perfect in taste and thickness,
Finally I reached home,
Sat on the foam,
Browsed on Google Chrome,
Please donít wait for lines any more,
The whole story would turn sour,
If you want to solve the riddle,
Please, go through the title.

(Faheem Ahmad Khan)



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