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      November 24, 2013



Is there any network deception in Pakistan?

Dear Editor

We the overseas Pakistanis want to bring in the notice of high authorities through your good online news paper that;
1. Our phone calls to Pakistan are with very bad quality
2. The voice is very unclear
3. Our calls in Pakistan are shown as local calls.
4. When we call any Mobile Number there is answer from there that "You do not have enough credit in your mobile".
5. The call even to PTCL numbers are the same quality.
6. Because of this situation we are losing our credits even without any communication.
7. This problem we have been facing for last one year
8. What is the problem in Pakistan network can anybody answer, Is this a network fraud.
9. When the PTA will start 3G network while most of the world enjoying 4G network.




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