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      November 17, 2013



 Speeding vehicles.

The district of Chitral is overwhelmingly mountainous and the roads are very narrow and the Chitral-Booni road [ the best one in the district] is designed for 40km per hour but the increasing number of vehicles on these roads have made it difficult to drive even at that speed. Beside taxis and private vehicles the luxurious NGO and govt.

vehicles run on these roads in a manner as if they have no idea of speed. Their speedometers show them their dangerous speed but the NGO officials are flying very high and their drivers donít care for other vehicles on the roads. They presume that their vehicles are not made for slow speed but for high speed and able to cover double distance in minimum time. They make race on the risky mountain roads as if they are competing in a grand prix and harass taxi drivers carrying heavy loads.

The General Managers of all the NGO in Chitral and government officials must take notice of it and if they know nothing about it this write- up is a notice for them to train their drivers to drive carefully and behave decently.

Rahmat Karim Baig
Chitral city.


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