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      November 11, 2013



SALAM to PAK Army -Focus on Defense

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was created on the basis of Islamic Identity of Muslims as described in all the books written on the Creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan [ ref. Shahab Nama pp.719-722, by Sange Meel Publications] who had ruled over the sub-continent for about 8 hundred years and then lost their hold owing to the weak grip of the Mughal rulers but much more owing to the hectic efforts of the British colonial designs- secret anti-Muslim activities- and after their take over the British very clearly understood that since the Muslims were hard hit by them so it was natural that they would retaliate in one way or another or foster grudges against the new rulers and would never tolerate them and will
continue to oppose them in each field [ ref. A Passage to India by E. M. Forster] so they adopted an anti -Muslim policy and tried their best to suppress the Muslims as hard as they could and began to encourage Hindus to come forward and extend their help in all branches of the government which was a golden chance for that community because they already fostered evil designs against the ex- rulers of the sub-continent and were waiting for some opportune hour to avenge the Muslims. The creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims was something hard to envisage or to believe those Muslim
leaders who talked on those lines but when it came into existence it had to face numerous difficulties in all disciplines of the State machinery added by strong enmity, opposition and propaganda of a stronger close neighbour and it continues into this day unabated.

Pakistan is a gift of Allah as with our present low moral standard we do not deserve such a homeland. The geographical location of Pakistan is so strategically important as well as sensitive that we may not afford to ignore them and at the same time Allah Almighty has bestowed many positive and most beneficial blessings on us very generously.

I. Important:- Pakistan lies on the silk route between East and the West and has good access with central Asian states so it is commercially in a very good position as a connecting route and by improving our road transport system we might get unlimited opportunities to access greater markets in our own region; both export and import opportunities will open for us beside access to mineral resources hidden in the north of our country but not yet exploited- a region that is comparatively better, rather far better, in matters of law and order situation. The natural walls of the Sierras of HinduKush and Karakoram chain of mountains provide very good boundary wall to our country, in the north, for hundreds of km.

II. Sensitive:- Our location is sensitive as we are facing the most dangerous situation on most of our borders- thousands of kilometers and the elements on our borders have been hostile, unnecessarily provocative, touchy, intolerant and aggressive. At minor issues they get infuriated and resort to belligerent measures and their media leaves no stone unturned to incite public opinion against our integrity. They also recruit and then provide a wide ranging variety of terrorist training plus shelters to the mercenary recruits and use them constantly against our internal situation and have already pushed a good number of their mercenaries into our country that select targets and blow innocent people. It is not the TALIBAN that are doing all these destructive and horrible things to destabilize our integrity but it is another Satan, devilishly disguised as Taliban –both old and new characters of the play acting in the region since long in one form or another to achieve their nefarious goals and have partly succeeded, who do so to inflict further damage to us and the hirelings have very cleverly high jacked the term and call themselves Taliban and put all the dirt on the TALIBAN.

III. These can be frankly termed as ‘Indian Taliban’. The public cannot differentiate between contradictory statements and stand confused and baffled. Their life, property and future of their children are insecure. The Anti -US Taliban are our brothers with ‘difference of opinion’ that is nothing odd but our mutual issues could be resolved by talks and dialogues but the intruder [foreign elements] obstruct on such crucial turns of political developments and potential success and then hasten to create misunderstanding between the parties, drive a wedge for the time being, get another chance for bomb blast and gain their goals-hence get the stipulated amount of Dollars. We are befooled time and again. We need to be more alert against the intruders. Our army has got to fight on scores of fronts and their sacrifices are tremendous and unforgettable.

IV. Beneficial:- The geographical location of our country is so placed by nature that in the north we have the three great chains of gigantic mountains systems i.e. Himalayas, Karakoram and HinduKush- that have the largest reserves of glaciers and fortunately all the rivers that emanate from these natural reserves flow straight through Pakistan territory – KPK, Punjab, Baluchistan and Sind and provide more than sufficient water for our Agriculture. Geographically this is an ideal location and we must be thankful to Allah Almighty for this great gift as so many countries on the globe have got no rivers or they have no mountains at all or their rivers flow into another country without giving them any benefit. In the northern
Pakistan the flow of the rivers is so swift and manageable for generating Hydel power that hardly any country has got such ideal locations and wide scope but we have utterly failed [ our leaders-planners, economists and administration have failed, not the public] to generate power for our own needs , let alone, for export to neighbouring countries. All the rivers that start in the north pass through our own land and remain in our own possession and ask us to be utilized but Alas! We have given no importance to this liquid gold.

We are still quarreling over petty issues and never think at national level with broad vision.

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig
Email: karimbaigcl@yahoo.com


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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