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      October 31, 2013


                               (Sher Wali Khan Aseer, Chairperson, LSO PUNAR, Yarkhun, Chitral)

The District Administrative Officers, Chitral have proved themselves to be all cooperative and responsive to the civil society organizations by attending their meetings and participating in their activities. They have been found to be ever ready to cooperate, collaborate and coordinate in all matters of public interest. They have been showing keen interest in the socio-economic development of the people and sincere in addressing their issues. They have been taking active part in the public activities, even on public holidays. A few examples are given here to show their coordinative deeds.

1-      The LSO PUNAR, Yarkhun, Chitral had resolved to revive and observe the century old festival of ‘PHINDIK’ from June 24th to July 7th 2013 and copies of resolution were sent to Deputy Commissioner, Chitral, Assistant Commissioner, Mastuj and other govt: and private functionaries. The first positive response was received from the District administration through Assistant Commissioner, Mastuj, appreciating the initiative for revival of the ancient festival, Phindik. At the final day of the Phindik Celebrations, Mr. Minhasud Din, A.C, Mastuj. Mr. Israr Ahmad. AAC, Mulkhow and Mr. Noorud Din, Naib Tehsildar, Mastuj not only attended the function, but also presented shields and certificates of appreciation to the Chairperson and Manager, PUNAR and the best players. It was Sunday, a weekend holiday but the officers did not hesitate to participate in the public event and spent the whole day with them at the Polo Ground of Miragram No.2.

2-      The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, Chitral held One Day LSOs Youth Convention at Chitral, on 30-10-2013 which was inaugurated by Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Jadoon, Deputy ommissioner, Chitral. Despite very tight working schedule on the day, he could spare 30 minutes to share the event with the participants.

3-      The District Administration, Chitral managed to observe ‘Jeshne Chitral’, the mega event of the district, during October 1st to 10th this year. The Jeshn witnessed the biggest gathering at the District Head Quarter, including players of all the traditional games. For the first time the Polo teams and Literary and Cultural groups from Gilgit-Baltistan participated in the Jeshen. All the govt: and private organizations demonstrated full cooperation and coordination in the celebrations of this public event. There was no bit of flaw in the management and occurred no untoward situation of any nature.

4-      The AKRSP held two day LSOs YOUTH Convention at Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan on 7th and 8th October, 2013. The District Administration, Chitral deputed Mr. Muhammad Saleh, Additional Assistant Commissioner, Mastuj to represent the KPK Government and Chitral at the Convention. Mr. Saleh represented the District and Provincial Administration, quite successfully which was highly appreciated by the participants of the Convention.

5-      Upon an informal invitation of the Chairperson of LSO PUNAR, Yarkhun, the Deputy Commissioner, Chitral, along with A.C. , AAC and NT, Mastuj, paid a detailed visit to the upper part Yarkhun Valley and Broghel of UC Yarkhun from October 19th to 21st, 2013. He not only went up to Ishkarwarz, the centrally located village of Broghel by Jeep,( a 12 hours drive plus 90 minutes ride on horseback), but also addressed the most burning issues of the poor people. It is noteworthy that Mr. Shoaib is the first District Head of Administration who reached the people of the remotest and most neglected part of Chitral.  It is an unprecedented example that the D.C and his entourage had to spend their Eid holidays in the most chilly part of the district, on travelling and meeting the local populace instead of enjoying Eid-holidays at some places of comfort with their family members.  These are a few amongst many more examples of coordination of the present district administration, Chitral and which are highly appreciated by the public and civil society organizations of Chitral.



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