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      October 31, 2013


Salute to Dr Khurshid-ul-Mulk: The Prince of Arkari

Dr Khurshid-ul-Mulk is a renowned Eye Specialist working in a leading hospital in Peshawar. He comes from the princely family of Mizhigram, Arkari. He is known and respected not only for his professional expertise as a world class eye specialist but also for his humanitarian services and care for the people of Chitral in general and the people of Arkari in particular. One such unprecedented example of his extra ordinary humanitarian service was seen just before the Eid-ul-Azha when he conducted a week-long free eye clinic in the mountainous village of Ovier, Arkari. He brought about 5 technical staff along with very fragile machines loaded in a truck from Peshawar to Chitral. As the truck could not go to Arkari due to poor road conditions, the machines were loaded in 4 jeeps and taken to the last village of OvierArkari where Dr Mir Afzal Tajik, another son of Arkari, has built a beautiful building meant to be a health centre.

Despite the cold weather and many other challenges, Dr Khurshid-ul-Mulk conducted 39 successful eye operations, treated 240 people and provided eye glasses to over 300 people—all for free. A vast majority of these patients were from various villages of Arkarivalley but many patients also came from other parts of Chitral including Drosh, Mulkhow, and Lotkoh.

Dr Khurshid-ul-Mulk individually has set an exceptional example of service to humanity and care for the poor people—what he as an individual has done, the government and NGOs were unable to do with all the resources they have. He has saved over 300 poor people from going blind and has proved that “if a person has a will, nothing can stop him/her from achieving his/her mission”. Conducting one of the most delicate surgical procedures like eye operation in a remote village without an established hospital was thought to be a mission impossible but Dr Khurshid-ul-Mulk has proved it possible.

The people of Arkari are extremely grateful to Prince Khurshid-ul-Mulk for the continued care, support and love that he and his family has always extended to the people of this very poor valley. The people who have got their eye-sight back and can see were amongst the happiest people on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul- Azha! They offer their gratitude and most sincere prayers to you and your family, Dr Khurshid-ul-Mulk!

Fida Mohammad



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