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      October 24, 2013



Since the birth of our beloved country the people of Broghol valley welcome for the first time a Deputy Commissioner of Chitral who ever visited their valley, on 20.10.2013. No District or Sub divisional Officer had ever bothered to visit Broghol and Yarkhun valleys during the last sixty six year. Broghol, the remotest and most neglected area of Chitral boarders Wakhan and China on its North West at an elevation of 11900 feet from sea level and is situated at a distance of 300 kms from Chitral Town. It is inhabited by the Wakhi emigrants, the poorest people of the country, totally dependent on live stock. The Valley had no access to Tehsil and District head quarter till now. Though the AKRSP had facilitated the people with a jeep-able track some ten years ago but the same road had been destroyed by avalanches, mountain slides and river erosion. Last year the Pak Army Engineer corps had started reconstruction of the road and is expected to be completed by the next year.

The poor Yarkhunites and Wakhis were overjoyed to see Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Jadoon, the D.C Chitral amongst them. Mr. Shoaib has taken over as D.C Chitral, recently. His prompt attention to the poorest segment of the society and undertaking a gruesome journey by jeep, in the chilly days of mid autumn to a valley where snow fall had just whitened the brown soil, shall remain unprecedented and be remembered by the administrative history of Chitral. It also be noted that instead of enjoying Eid holidays at some luxurious place, he opted to see the people who had never seen any district cadre officer in their life. Accompanied by his family and sub divisional officers of Mastuj, he travelled all the way to Ishcar Warz, the central village of Broghel. Luckily I was the eye witness of his tour. He was warmly welcome by the locals and he met everybody with love and sympathetic feelings. He was shocked to see the pathetic living condition of the people and coming to know that no district or sub divisional officers had ever paid official visit to this remotest and strategically very important part of Pakistan. He witnessed that there was no government institutions of public service except a Chitral Scouts’ Post, a Boarder Police Post, a nominal primary school and dispensary with no staff. They had no grain sale point and utility store for food commodities despite the fact that there grew no eatables. The D.C listened to the very simple demands of the people with passion and sympathy and responded sympathetically. He, instantly approved grain sale point and utility store at Ishkarwarz, promised to give appointments to the local youth in Boarder Police and to take the case of appointments in other government jobs with the concerned departments of the KPK Government. He told them that they deserved more than they had demanded. He directed the officers on the spot to consign to the valley medicines, blankets and commodities of daily use within a week. He also assured the people that in future they would be visited regularly and every effort would be made to enhance their living standard.

Returning from Broghel, on 21.10.013, Mr. Shoaib met the people on the way, listened to their problems and received bundles of applications from unemployed youth. At Yarkhun-lasht, responding to a gathering of local people he assured them to address their genuine problems of completion of Grain-Godown, supply of wheat, appointment of local teachers, recruitment in Boarder Police, and revival of C&W Department for payment of land compensation for the additional land acquired for the expansion of Broghel Road.

The people of Yarkhun were really pleased to see D.C and ACs, humane and friendly in their dealing with the public, otherwise they had been experiencing bureaucratic behavior whenever they happened to meet them in connection with solution of some problem of quite genuine nature. It is a sign of good governance which the people expected from the PTI Government of KPK. But there is a constant fear in their hearts that in the past, whenever a sympathetic and public friendly officer was posted in the district, his tenure had been too short because of the powerful hands of the “corruption mafia”. It has come in to the notice of the public that corruption mafia has drawn daggers against the present District Administration. Therefore, it will not be out of context if we request in advance, the Chairperson of PTI, Mr. Imran Khan and Mr. Pervez Khatak, Chief Minister, KPK to ensure a complete tenure of the district and sub divisional administration officers of the present setup enabling them undisturbed service delivery to the people of this remote District of the KPK who are satisfied with their performance.

(Sher Wali Khan Aseer
(Educationist), Chairperson, LSO PUNAR, Yarkhun)


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