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      October 22, 2013


Pitiable condition of Chitral -Booni Road

The Chital- Booni road was blacktopped about two decades ago and
since then no major repair has been made in spite of the fact that the rock falls have damaged a major portion of the a-class road. It is not known to the public that which department supervises it as the road coolies have been removed from the road repair work and employed by the engineers of the C& w division. This is not an exaggeration and the damaged portions are open to every passenger and have good experience of the performance of the line departments. The Performance of the C&W depart is talk of the town among the public and not a single Pakistani trusts them but the matter of great shame is that the DEPUTY COMMISSIONERS of the Distt. have also seen the plight of the road and have kept shut their eyes shut and have never taken a single step to repair the road in the best public interest. The selfsame MPA of the constituency is the son of a Pharoah and he regards the voters as his tenants and with his ‘ill gotton gear’ he has engineered to win the election. The local public once repaired a certain section of the damaged road but he never budged. If the repair work of this road is not started immediately the public will come out to the streets and a good show will be staged to see, that will be the sole responsibility of the Deputy Commissioner.

Rahmat Karim Baig


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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