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      October 11, 2013


. Sher wali Khan Aseer  - "A man Who never fails to impress"

I adore him not only because he is a great father but also because he is an outstanding teacher, an honest officer, an amazing poet, a sincere philanthropist and above all, an extraordinary human being.

Belonging to the most backward area of Chitrali and facing all sorts of hardships Mr. Aseer still managed to top the matriculation exam in the Chitral State, remained at highest posts in the education department and retired at Grade 20.
But those worldly successes donít make him extraordinary, what makes him impressive is his character, honesty, humanity,simplicity and humbleness. What makes him exceptional is the fact that no successes in life whether of his own or his children make him arrogant. What makes him amazing is that he meets every single person whether the richest man or a poor farmer with the same enthusiasm and gentleness. I can never forget the statement of one of my classmates, the shortest guy in the class. ď Zubi, Iíve never met such a polite and impressive man like your dad. He talked to me in a way that for a while I completely forgot that I was talking to someone more than a foot taller to me.

What makes him unique is the fact that after retirement he refused to stay in big city and enjoy the modern facilities but preferred to go back to his own area and serve his people. And that he is still doing, Alhamdulillah.

In short, Mr. Aseerís whole life is a lesson for his children, his students and the whole Chitrali Nation. That how a person can remain humble and simple after getting all the successes in life. How a person can sincerely invest his money, time and energy for the betterment of his area and people. How a person can prefer the benefits of his people to his own and still manages to stay happy, contented and peaceful.

Dad! You always say that you are proud of us. But we can never be like you in thousand years.
God always bless you and give you more and more energy to serve your nation. Aameen

Dr. Zubeda Sirang.
BMC, Booni.


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