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      October 10, 2013




Illegal Wagon Adas

Like other scams in our country Islamic Republic of Pakistan the Illegal Wagon Adas are the same picture of those social terrorist, who socially misbalance the economy of Pakistan.

I had never seen any article or letter from anyone who oppose these bureaucratic who act like they the owner of Islamic Republic of Pakistan or they are forefathers of Qaid-e-Azam.

These culprits whoever they are and wherever they are must be brought to the justice and exemplary punishment must be given to them and blacklist them and their family members in the National Database and block their CNICís and Passports.

The sole responsibility to introduce Legislation in the Law of Nation is our respective representatives who by all tactics get the vote from public but aftermath they make friends in bureaucracy and political families.

Supreme Court and High Courts are not superior than the Law of Almighty Allah (Sharia), so the Supreme Court and High Courts ensure to give justice to the public on priority basis and without any political influence.

If we adopt such path to enforce Law and Order than we shall be the great nation and deserve to introduce our nation the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, otherwise the country does not follow the public mandate, which they trustfully and truthfully transfer to the political leaders.

Dr. Shabir Al-Hussani


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