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      September 23, 2013


Illegal Wagon Adas at Peshawar

Dear Sir,

It is indeed a good demand of the people about banning the illegal Wagon Adas operative only for Chitral in different places at Peshawar. But, the thing is who is travelling and encouraging the running of such illegal transport Adas.

I have been hearing the demands of the people for decades, but it seems to me that the said demand is not on the part of general travelers. Had the general travelers so demanded universally, the administration would have definitely taken any action to thwart that illegal activity far away from now.

Instead of writing to the newspapers or putting demand to the government, why do the travelers altogether opt for travel from the Haji Camp Ada to Chitral in daylight. The Wagon owners at Haji Camp Ada will not only welcome the passengers bound for Chitral but also offer cheaper service to them. Therefore, my request to the people of Chitral in general to the travelers in particular, is to boycott the travelling from the illegal Adas so that the issue is no more there in practice. We have become addicted to spoon feeding and for every pity thing looking for help from the outer sources.


Bashir Ahmad,



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