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      September 01, 2013


Reply on the topic written by Mir Hassamuddin

I would like to thank the writer for raising voice once again about this most vulnerable mental disease, which is increasing day by day in Chitral and other parts of the world, resulting suicide deaths and isolation. The recent incident of Sardar Ayub was a fresh example of sever depression which resulted into homicide as well as suicide. May the departed souls rest in eternal peace and may Allah give courage to their families to bear the loses.

Depression has become of the major challenges in Chitral region especially in early ages, both in males and females. The most important thing on this point is to figure out the actual causes for why these youngsters have become prone to this mental illness (depression). Another incident occurred today in Ovrik Garam Chashma where a young boy in early 20s shot himself to death for not having fulfilled his desire of love marriage. What is going on? Whoís fault is this? Why is there a big distance between parents and their children? Why the children donít feel easy sharing their problems and desires with their parents? Why are they this much helpless and hopeless taking their lives? Why this issue is not being faced aggressively? Are we waiting for such more incidences? Why our sisters are jumping into rivers? Why our brothers shooting themselves so easily? Isnít there any one to tell them the importance of human life? Is life so cheep for them or are they so desperate and dejected in our homes and society?

Belonging to medical profession, I am very shocked and amazed to see the injustice for health seeking behavior between physical and mental health. We put all our wealth for physical health but never bother to seek attention for mental illnesses rather isolating the individual for social stigmas. Living in 21st century has not proven to create any positive transition in our thoughts for understanding these dilemmas. We still believe in local TAWEEZ and other PARI KHANS to treat serious mental cases like schizophrenia, mania, major depression and etc.

It is my humble request to the NGOs and other health care sectors working in Chitral to do something aggressively to stop this epidemic before it takes many more innocent lives. These mental cases can easily be enlisted in the remote areas by means of research work. Moreover the DHG hospital must have a psychiatrist and other means of psychotherapies and cognitive behavioral therapies to deal with these cases seriously on regular basis.

Kulsum International Hospital



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