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     September 04, 2013


Appeal to Deputy Commissioner Chitral


After abolition of Local Government system and re-introduction of old and tested commissioner system in KP as well as in Chitral people were happy that some sort of administrative reform will be visible in market area especially in case of market price fixation. But all the hope of people dashed to ground to realize that no such pro-active step has been so far taken to regulate price system not in far-flung rural areas but in town Chitral where all administrative machinery has strong presence. If one goes to Chitral Bazar he faces the problem that all the Tandur owners are compelling local people to purchase so called "Double Tanduri" which is totally less than the approved weight prescribed by food controller. If you ask the said Tandur Owner to give me Single Tanduri he replies in arrogance and flatly reject demand of the customer and impose on him his own will because the customer has no protector from any quarter and succumb before the Nanby in lurch. What a pity and why the customer is so helpless? It is a question of hundred million. As tax payer and citizen of the country it is responsibility of state to protect its citizen from any type of exploitation from any side but that responsibility of state is nowhere in case of town Chitral in term of controlling price system. Especially in morning time this exploitative tactics of the "Nanbaies" are at highest level when there is no threat from price control magistrate to visit the market area and regulate price. Consequently they charge price for double Tanduri in return for single one, as the weight of the bread equal to single while they charge price for double tanduri.

In this grim situation it is humbly requested to DC Chitral Mr. Shoaib Jadoon to take serious notice of the situation and give relief to local customer from the exploitative tactics of Nanbaies. Especially ensuring, visit of price controller magistrate to Jughoor Bazar and Balach during morning and evening time. We hope honorable DC Chitral will protect rights of citizen from any type of price distortion prevailing in Chitral town area and rest of valleys so that poverty ridden members of the community could have a little bit relief.


Kind regards

Nasir Mehmood


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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