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  January 22, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH  The Almighty

Paving the way for PPP Success

I may be wrong or right but we have to be rational in predicting about the next general elections. It seems impossible for the political parties in Chitral to beat Pakistan Peoples Party in the next general elections due to the following reasons.

1.    Almost 10 national assembly contestants are expected to contest the next general elections from Chitral which will favor PPP because they have a considerable vote bank in the district which is hardly to be slit down.

2.    The refusal to join MMA by Jamate Islami will be the major cause of PPP success because it will lead to division of votes.

3.    Abdul Wali Khan is also expected to contest election for the national assembly seat from Qaumi watan party and will  divide the votes of Jamate Islami.

4.    The 25 thousand Benazir income support beneficiaries from Chitral will hardly cast their votes for other parties.

5.     The “jiyalas” will be backing the party with full vigor as they have been fully benefited in this tenure and have given employment to thousands of youth in various departments in District Chitral

6.     The local government representative alliance which supported Sardar Khan in 2008 election will split into parts as all the parties are ready to contest the election and the PPP voters who haven’t voted at that time will vote for PPP this time surely.

Now only two options are left with the political parties to defeat PPP and that are seat adjustment and alliance. Jamate Islami – Tehrike Insaf seat adjustment can break the tide of PPP success. On the other hand Jamait Ulema alliance with Qaumi watan Party can also lead to success. However alliances and seat adjustment by other parties can also change the scenario dramatically Otherwise advance congratulations to PPP Chitral.

Bilal Ahmad
Jang Bazar Chitral



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