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  January 20, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH  The Almighty


Women’s status in Islam                

By Samiul Haq Kosht Soragh

Islam is a religion which gives prime importance to women, it teaches compassion, tolerance, sympathy and respect for women, irrespective of gander, cast or creed. When the world was ruled by non Muslims Islam uplifted the status of women. In pre-Islamic Arabia, Girls were buried alive because they were considered a burden for the family as well as for the society. Islam stop that practice gave women the right to live not merely to exist!

Islam tell us that a women deserves respect just as a man does. She deserves all the respect for just doing as a woman can do best. A woman’s role as a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife    is no less important than man .It is obvious that men are better and strong inherently than women    in some spheres of life , just as women are better than men in several other sphere. A woman contribution in various roles is simply undeniable. Family system is basic unit of society and women possesses important place in family. Women are given right to help her family financially just as man are given the right. Islam gives equal rights and importance to women in family matters even are quite entitled to go out for urgent needs.      

Of course education is an important factor which improves one’s life and provides an opportunity to seek new horizon and attain better understanding of life. This opportunity is not denied to women.

The prophet (P.B.U.H )  emphasized the importance of education when he is reported to have said, “Seek knowledge even if it take u to china” and “Knowledge is incumbent on every male and female”. Women are permitted to seek education and receive a religious cultural and social standing for doing so. There are so many authoritative female scholars who contributed outstandingly in history. In sharia general rules are common for both genders, just like a man woman have to observe the general religious standard, relating to the conduct, moral behavior and social dealings. There is no separate moral code for men and women in Islam. Even in public life matters they are expected to contribute, to endure the hurdles of life bravely, show solidarity with the community and contribute the wellbeing of the society. Throughout the life period   of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) rule women used to offer prayers along with the congregation of Muslim in general. They used to participate in military expeditions bringing water to thirsty combatants, treating wounded caring them to safety and some time going to active war.

By the grace of Allah in most areas of Pakistan Muslim women are enjoying the same right and freedom enjoyed by men. She too can propose a man for marriage, orally or written. She can freely choose her spouse and have the rite to obtain divorce from an estranged husband. But being Muslim we do not follow our religion in practice.

The religion which elevated and uplifted the status of women now sees its followers continuously hampering the freedom and right of women. If this is not so than why karo-kari is rampant?  And why the abuse of rights of women are accepted part of our culture?  

Currently in Pakistan some efforts are being made to raise the status of women in Pakistan . They are given grater number of seats in Parliament and bureaucracy, but will it infect result in better social status of ordinary women folk in our male dominated society?                                                                                 



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