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      August 28, 2013


An issue to be acted upon …

“Health is wealth”, for most of the people this assumption is not more than the beauty of the blank page and a quote to be said. The people who are in plight regarding their health know the unfeigned meaning of it. Health of today’s man has become the prey of the changing environment. From children to the elder ones all are being enthralled by the rapidly spreading diseases. Chitral is one of the areas on which an indispensable attention needs to be paid regarding the falling health of the subject.

This is really very important issue to be acted upon for the sake of prosperous future of Chitral. Being one of the districts of Pakistan it has the right to be discussed and considered by the government regarding the health of its natives which is indeed the basic right of the people living within its boundary. Though, hospitals have been built in most of the areas but unfortunately no relief is being provided to the patients. It would not be wrong if they can be called as ghost hospitals because hospitals without doctors and equipments are just aggregation of bricks not more than that.

Certain cases evoked in our area which lead to the demise of the people only because their cases were not diagnosed and they were being treated blindly. Doctors must not be blamed in this regard because firstly, they are few in number and the row of patients is huge, so they face problems regarding their management. Secondly, they are not provided with the emerging equipments necessary for the treatment of the complicated machine manufactured by the Almighty ALLAH, “THE MAN”.

The new government is requested to have its sympathetic glance on this issue. Doctors along with medical and surgical equipments should be provided to our district, so that the poor subject should be provided with proper remedies for their problems and they need not to be traveled towards the cities for their treatment. A single step towards this problem can bring back prosperity to various families, turns numerous pale cheeks into crimsoned and let many innocent lives blossom again. Because most of the people become the prey of the dark abyss only because they cannot afford such a huge money needed to go to other cities in search of comfort.

This is the preamble which needs elucidation in order to be acted upon and for that the responsible personalities are requested to come forth and do endeavor to eradicate the dark veil of melancholy appearances from the ever blossomed faces of our people. Because life can be made beautiful not by any other source but comfort and painless feelings.

Shabana Wali



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