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      August 28, 2013


We lost our assets

It was not less than a blizzard for me, when I heard that Sardar Ayub a Third year medical student of Khyber medical college Peshawar did a suicide attack on himself and on psychologist in therapy room at Chitral on Monday morning, leaving behind death of himself and lady psychologist. Anyhow, so many questions arise on this issue, but I donít want to go the argumentative them of this accident. I simply would say that we lost our two young assets because of our own negligence.

Last year, I had to face the admission problem of this late young gentleman, who had been absent from college for the last two years because of psychological problem. With the struggle of few of his relative he had to bring back to Peshawar for admission. He was almost recovered from this evil type of disease. When I attained the admission committee meeting of Khyber Medical College, I had been informed that he was absent from college for about two year without prior inform to college. No any kind of application and information was provided to the college about Sardar Ayub. His admission was already cancelled before my appointment in Khyber medical college. I struggled hard to make possible of his readmission. I had to go to Pakistan medical and dental council office Islamabad for this purpose but not succeeded, because his admission was already cancelled. My remonstrance to all his adroit relatives that at least they had to inform in Khyber medical college at the time of the onset of his diseases, and when he had to come to Chitral leaving KMC without any report. When he didnít able to get admission back, he was much frustrated and later his mental illness further deteriorated.

I simply say, if he had able to get admission back in KMC after recovery, this big accident would not happen. The late medical student was brilliant, his intellect and vision was beyond the fences of common man. As far as the factor of his illness is concern, financial constrain, lack of healthy environment was main factor. His intellect and vision was not been supported by his financial constrain, put a negative impact on his mind.

It is prime responsibility of our leaders and educated people to know about the causes of these accidences happening in our society and think critically for its solution otherwise we will lost many Sardar ayub and other educated daughters again in future. May Allah bless their soul and give strength to deprive families;

Aftab Khan
Research Officer
Khyber Medical College Peshawar


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