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  January 20, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH  The Almighty

SBB University  Staff attitude

The attitude of staff dealing with student in BB University campus Chitral is derogative and intolerable. A number of students who travel from different part of the district have to face misbehaving attitude of the staff to get their issues addressed. The reception in the campus by the class 4 and officials staff seems that  the visitor are entering in GHQ office having explosive material to be detonated.

The educational institute should have courage to provide conducive environment to the visitor and the students, the staff working inside must be role model for others. We are looking our future in these institutions but the way we are treated by the officials seems that we are primary class students. The high ups of the University are requested to arrange training on public relation for their staff and take notice of such behavior.

with regards

Riaz Booni Chitral




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