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      August 18, 2013


For attention of PTI Chairman

I would like to submit the following lines for the attention of PTI Chairman who claims to bring about a drastic change and desired results in the education system of the province and some of his proposed measures have appeared in the News Papers. Many of the so –called proposed measures were already tried by different coalition governments in the province and since they were superficial measures so they failed to show results of any value and the standard remained the same. For instance the PTA system, medium of instruction, quality text book approach, establishment of Education commission, the so called monitoring system, increment based on good result for the teachers etc. In my 43 years of teaching service in the education department the above cited steps have brought no improvement and have proved pretty useless. The PTI policy makers have failed to grasp the real defect in the education system.. So one would ask what is the defect/ and where does it lie?

It must be remembered that teaching and learning process is better understood by the teacher not by the bureaucrats sitting in the secretariat. All the stake holders viz. the education department, the students, the parents and the school building - all have their role in the teaching-learning process. Remember! You cannot bring about any change, let alone any improvement, in the standard of education with a two room primary school to accommodate 6 classes with two teachers. This is a big nonsense! You have to provide 7 rooms for a primary school. One room will be used by the staff as office and the six rooms will accommodate the six classes with the six teachers- each class must have a teacher and
Secondly there must be a student-teacher ratio which is 20 students per teacher. In that case the teacher will be in a position to check the 20 students and their homework and give due attention to each student and improve his/ her writing and reading skill. The same must be applied in the middle and high schools and colleges.

Give every teacher 20 students which is the international standard and then ask him good result and if he fails fire him. At present 200 students are given to a college teacher and around 100 students to a school teacher and the rule of student-teacher ratio has always been forgotten by the Education department. Moreover the secretary of education in the recent years has got the powers to increase 20 percent seats in the quota to each college at the time of admission in first year that adds more burden but the number of teachers is always insufficient to meet the need. The Minister of education issues order to accommodate all the applicants seeking admission in first year , the secretary obeys and the principal of the college is a puppet to obey the orders from above. Consequently the overcrowded class is controlled for 40 minutes by the teacher not duly taught as a crowd of hundreds of students in a classroom cannot be expected to hear any thing the teacher says. Unless the student-teacher ratio of 1:20 is applied strictly your efforts, measures, slogans, claims will prove a cry in the wilderness. you are tinkering with a gigantic task

Mr. Chairman!
It is not an easy task but an onerous national responsibility to be given serious attention and due consideration. Change of carricula has got many ramifications and requires brainstorming not by apprentice politicians but by educationists and teachers of wide experience.

You have to increase the number of teachers [ trained ones] by six fold to meet the number of students in schools and colleges and construct seven room primary schools and similar increase in the number of teachers and class rooms in high schools and colleges, keep the student-teacher ratio per class and then expect the teacher to give good results otherwise you are just firing in the air and the beaucracy is clapping hands to make you happy for your high sounding slogans. It will not work and has never worked in the past.This could be called restructuring of the system.

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig
Chitral city.


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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