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      August 18, 2013



For parents raising their children in ungodly world is full of challenges. The teenagers are posed to come all kinds of factors that can change their perception, feeling , action and development. Teenagers have so much to deal with in today's fast- paced life like relationship with parents, love, puberty, financial crisis and burden of studies. Failure of any these the teenagers may feel deprived, angry and confused while going through complicated issues. It may often leads to more serious problems in the guise of self destructive behaviour like smoking and drinking drunks and even sucidal thoughts. At the same time some parents fail to acknowledge that their kids problems and needs that effect the teenagers life.

Being moody and antisocial can affect a teenagers regardless of gender, race , social background , financial position , school or other achievements. A teen is often hanging in a twilight zone and does know where to in whatever in a position. This gives rise to feelings being neglected and isolated from society and might provokes to depression.

Death of loved one, sepration or divorce of parents could also be an issue that frustrate teenagers . The feeling and thought triggers lonliness and resulting depression which occures early in grieving some time teenagers devote their time more and more watching Tv, playstation and net just to divert their attention towards fantasy zone to forget there grieve or just hiding them selves from the calamities of life. It features little confusion, lack of meaning, low self esteem and low energy.

As they 're sensitive and rebellious at the same time so they need to providing and enriching family environment and providing guidance and make connection and express their feeling to a support group or a friends.

A child with depression at school may have effect many aspects of school activities due to parents expectation from their child, because they think that they're paying huge money fees in highly reported school just ensure to get the good education which children some time fail to fulfill the desires and demands of their parents, as good results, high position, job in a sound position may lead up depression their grades may drop and their school life cease aggressive behavior like disorder increases fight or arguments . A child repeated reluctant to attened school and even force to participate may do so with low or now enthusiasm.

Some time social and peer pressure has been known to lead to depression too. In that case teenagers are also more vulnerable to emotional and psychological problems stemming from teasing and discrimination. Sociological studies have proved that they're prone to low esteem which hamper social skill development and often resulted in poverty, unemplayment and being isolater.

A part from causes and sign and symptoms of teenagers depression, there has been a movement towards raising awareness of depression. If you think your child is suffering from depression get them the help that they need as soon as possible by visiting your family physician or pediatrician. It's never too early to know your children to help them sort out feeling and learn the skills to cope with work through their inner conflicts ans stresses.

Kulsoom Zaidi.


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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