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  January 20, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH  The Almighty

Two Words

Look at it; only two words: one is constitution and other: institution. These two words are phonetically nearly synchronized. Both seem to be almost similar. But given the arbitrariness both are subject to variation: and so they do. The degree of variation differs depending upon the situation. Deliberate efforts have been made to bring the former (constitution) within the limits of the latter (institution). Some did it and majority accepted it in the past. It seems paradoxical. But this contradiction occurred because of our love for nonsense emotionalism. We are emotional beyond limits. Things wrapped in the garb of emotions---no matter how destructive they are for our common cause, rendered to us and we follow without any rational analysis. This is not an encouraging situation and would not work in the long run. God forbid, we will fail if the same continues for long. We have to go the other way round. Efforts should be made to make institutions subordinate to constitution. But wait: not in the way  we are used to; the fanatical non sensibility.

          It will take time to transform us from here to there. For that we must be educated. We need to know the difference between different words; the difference between constitution and institution, for instance. Till then we are going to do only one thing; not to be swayed by every gush of wind. We did it in the past and suffered.

          Those who lead us know that how ignorant we are and they expoit it. They exploit our ignorance and that too for their personal interest. The irony of situation is that we always look back for the penacae  of our ills. The negligiance of the presnet presses us to look back, where we only find differences. We base our activities on these differences, only to suffer in the present. Let's change it and live in the present. Neither in this world, and nor in the eternal one God will reward us for sowing the seeds of differences. We will only be able to secure His mercy if we work for the benifit of not only ourselves but for the humanity at large. Be it for whatever cause; why will the Lord be pleased with us when shed each others blood: Himself being so merciful towards His creature.

          Once we are educated and also united no body's skill to exploit us will work.

          Ah! I never intended to make it so much serious. I only wanted to play with the words. But I don't know how I switched to the one played  on our national platform.............that too at the cost of poor man's blood.


Idrees Ali Shah                                                                                                                                                  Warijun, Chitral



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