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  January 16, 2012


In The Name of ALLAH  The Almighty

Positive Thinking Positive Outcome

It seems very simple and makes a huge impact in our lives. Rarely though, do we stop to reflect how a positive approach can make a significant difference in every aspect of our lives. A person’s positive outlook and way of thinking contributes deeply to their personality and life experiences. People who think positively have a better point of view on life and a motivating attitude. These are factors that directly affect our perception when it comes to creating the kind of life we want. Many studies have authenticated that our perception of life also affects our health and well-being.

Most of our negative thoughts come from assumptions we make and in some cases, from deep rooted stereotypes and prejudices that we may have. These tend to frame the context in which we think; leading to a tendency to fabricate these misconceptions in an attempt to prepare ourselves for the worst. However in all of this, we end up dwelling so much on them that they consume all of our energy and ultimately affect our ability to think or even to be able to perceive and appreciate other people’s opinions. This does not mean that a positive person is ill-prepared, in fact there are better equipped to handle challenges than a negative thinking person.

Positive thinking is not about overlooking the negative and not preparing for the worst, but instead approaching a predicament in positive and productive manner. For example, time is spent on finding a solution to a problem rather than focusing on factors that now cannot be changed like how did it happen, the why’s and but’s, what if’s, etc. When altering your reaction or approach to any given situation, it will drastically affect the outcome – giving us more opportunity to focus on solving the issue at hand in a very focused and concise manner with a positive attitude.

Many studies suggest that a positive attitude and way of thinking can help in managing complex situations and improve our overall well-being. Some of the benefits are that we think more effectively when we focus on positive thinking; it helps us concentrate on finding creative solutions instead of focusing on the negative elements and losing what sometimes is valuable time. It also helps in maintaining healthy and vibrant relationships with various stake holders. While a person with a negative attitude in some cases, may be so distracted that s/he may not even come to a solution, it also plagues any healthy relationship. It’s about turning negative experiences into examples for future learning!

So, overall in any stressful situation, we’d be well equipped and prepared if we go in thinking positively as it enhances our ability to be creative, think outside of the box and has less adverse psychological reactions. As we all know, the way we think and react to situations has a direct influence on our body and its functions. Positive thinkers tend to have lower risks of disease leading to better physical well being. When we worry less, we stress less. The power of positive thinking therefore lowers our stress, helps us cope better and inadvertently increases our lifespan.

Positive thinking and applying it to every practical facet of life is an important resolution for me personally in the New Year. No matter what we do and how stressful our lives are, it is great idea to start the day off right from the minute we wake up with happy thoughts which contribute towards the whole day running smoothly! Positive attitudes and perceptions obviously lead to more fulfilling life experiences.

Mir Hassamuddin
Milton Ontario




mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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