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      July 30, 2013



Dear Editor

Through your esteemed newspaper i would like to express my sentiments and point of view regarding the recent statement of our very unique and the only Member of Parliament Mr Haji Ghulam Mohammad of (APML) through out Pakistan ,pertaining that the allocation of Rs 3 billion for the long awaited Lawari Tunnel by KPK government is being possible due to his tirelessly struggle, effort and good personal friendly relationship with the high authority.

First of all Thank You Mr.Haji Sahab, for your this kindness for the people of Chitral .but I have some serious questions and concerns of your this sudden wake up because the chitrali masses are suffering and crying for their due rights for the last 20 years, specially for this Internationally well known project. We are being neglected and our due rights are stolen from years and years.

Respected, Mr.Mohammad your are legally representing the Chitral territory from the last 6 years and you never and never raised the true Chitrali voices in any Governmental forum or any others plate farm, despite of this you always prefer your personal advantages and area of big money, if not when the then prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Gillani transferred the prescribed funds of lawari to his native town Multan, nor you and nor our MNA of that time, spoke out against that injustice act. I remember Mr.Zahid khan (Senator) of ANP agitated of this injustice and unfair decision, and in Chitral level Mr. Abdulakber chitrali mobilized the Chitrali public regarding this important issue .you were in deep sleep like a thirsty fox at that time and the Chitrali public is well aware about your performance as a representative from the last five years.

Dear Haji Sahab now you are trying to get the credit of PTI 's government's little effort but at least( some thing is there) for the people of neglected District Chitral. We are the people of Chitral (not through you) very pleased and saying big Thank you to the Honorable chief Minister of KPK due to his unforgettable kindness, generosity, and caring for Chitrali people. Lawari is not for any party this is a burning issue for every Chitrali. Here we are urging the representative of Chitral in federal level to see the Prime minister of Pakistan through a delegation from Chitral( includes media people. ulema, political activists and social reformers ) and argue that federal Govt. should increase the Lawari grant .

Gul jee
(Richmond hill Canada


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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