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      July 23, 2013


"Iftari Package"  open letter to Chief Minister

The Editor,
Chitral Times.com

Dear sir,

I was shocked to read the letter written by Sahib Nadir advocate about the Iftari Package being given to the patients admitted in the DHQ hospital.

The very description of the items contained in the iftari pack was fictional and concocted. As a press reporter, I had specially examined the contents one by one which included many more items than that specified by the learned senior counsel (the writer). The items of the package are supplied by Kashmir Bakers situated at Jang Bazar road which is known for its best quality food stuffs.

It seems that he has some personal grudges against the hospital administration otherwise the description of the hospital is not exactly that what has been said. It is an admitted fact that the DHQ hospital has regained the confidence of the people of Chitral during the past one-and-half year.

With regards,

Daily Dawn, Chitral.


This is with reference to the letter by Mr. Sahib Nadir Khan Advocate Chitral published last day and to say that Mr. Sahib Nadir belongs to the section of society who is averted to change and loves statuesque. Any positive change at any level stab them Offering Iftar is “Sunnah” and the step taken by the present coalition government has received tremendous applause and appreciation from the general Public.

Iftar package, being offered is prepared in such a way, so that the patient receives diet, containing all nutrients. It contains a chicken piece and half a dozen other items freshly prepared and offered in hygienically prepared packing.

The author has pointed out some deficiency of the hospital also, which are not based on facts, malafied and motivated. As far as cleanliness, punctuality of HCPs and service delivery is concerned this DHQ: has been declared as a model hospital amongst all DHQs. Mr. Sahib Nadir has forgotten that this is a hospital, where patients are admitted. Expecting fragrance from dribbling urine, oozing pus and post operative patients creates doubt about the soundness of mind of the author.

Dr. Nazir Hussain Shah,
President, Insaf Doctors, Forum


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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