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      July 06, 2013



Dire Need of University

In the present modern world education has assumed as a component of religious, social, cultural, economic and moral development of a nation. It is the main responsibility of a social welfare state to provide all educational facilities to its citizens. Previous governments always made empty claims to increase literacy rate through establishment of higher educational institutions in rural areas of Pakistan. But unfortunately we, the people of Chitral are still deprived from our basic educational right as there is no university in Chitral. Although two campuses of Abdul Wali Khan and shereengal universities have been open in the area but it is just like a drop in the ocean for the increasing strength of students in the largest district of the province. Students specially females are unable to continue education unwillingly after graduation. Due to religious, social and cultural restrictions parents avoid to allow their children specially daughters to go far and wide in search of education in the country. Therefore the students of Chitral are in dire need of a fully-fledged university. New elected PTI GOVT is kindly requested to immediately establish a university with all higher educational facilities in Chitral district.

Samiul Haq Kosht Soragh.



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