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      July 04, 2013


SGRM arranged free career counseling workshops

Sustainable Growth through Resource Management (SGRM) Pakistan is a forum of youth volunteers from Chitral that have intended to bring the real positive change in our society. In one year duration we have completed many projects in Chitral, a few of them I want to share with you.

With the facilitation of AKRS,P Chitral under EELY Project funded by Canadian international development Agency (CIDA) we arranged free career counseling workshops in February this year in three different colleges of Upper Chitral and more than 250 students benefited from it. Annually we provide free tuition to more than 60 poor students and we are striving to help more and more poor students in future.

We have established a full-fledged computer Learning center in Kosht Chitral by the support of Australian donors and we are optimistic to establish more in other parts of Chitral.

We have started the project of establishing sewing learning center for poor women in Chitral which is helping poor women to earn money and other villages are copying this idea.
We are doing project on establishing “Low Cost Bio sand Filter” which is 100% successful for the removal of contamination from water.

We have arranged many projects of training farmers about modern agricultural practices. We arrange veterinary vaccination days and we are ambitious to help farmers by providing then quality seeds in future.
There are many activities we have completed but I want to mention the recent innovative work SGRM Pakistan did in Chitral.

The problem of depression in Chitral is increasing day by day that ultimately leads to suicide and every month we see incidents of suicide especially more by females. Keeping in view this panic SGRM Pakistan invited world renowned master trainer from New Zealand Rehana Webster to share her newly researched expertise to eliminate post traumatic symptoms from traumatized people. Actually the cause of depression is any trauma because of any bad experience in life. Madam Rehana Webster gave lectures on how to avoid the stresses due to these traumas by using Trauma Buster Technique (TBT, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Total four seminars were arranged in District Chitral.
In lower Chitral, a seminar was arranged in Town Hall Chitral and the other in Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Campus Chitral.

In upper Chitral a seminar was arranged in Govt. High School for Boys and the other one in Community Based Aga Khan High School Kosht.

The participants found the technique very helpful to eliminate their depression and they were feeling relaxed after the seminars. Such kind of seminars should be arranged in future as well to minimize the rate of depression resulting in suicide incidents which is destroying the peaceful image of Chitral. If the rate of suicide continues as such then we will lose the name of Chitral as a peaceful land.

I want to attract the attention of our our newly elected MPA Bibi Fouzia towards this serious issue and start project on it immediately because it is more the issue of females in Chitral.

SGRM Pakistan is trying to create income generating sources for women so that they can help themselves by earning money. Poverty is the major factor for causing depression that enhances their tendency towards suicide.

At last I want to thank District commissioner Chitral Mr M.Shoaib Jadoon, AC Lower Chitral Mr Noor Ul Amin and AC Mustuj Mr. Minhas and Mr.Saleh for their support in arranging the seminars.


Ilyas Hussain
Chairman SGRM Pakistan



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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