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      July 02, 2013


A Treasured Jewel of Chitral

 “Nature didn’t go to business school, but she gives us free seeds every year”, this is a short statement refer to our environment but also  life story of one of our environmentalist. My spirit murmured on this statement when I attended his lecture for the first time. My soul went into an ecstasy of delight when I listened to his speech. He was known to us as Rehmat Ali, not more than that. I never knew that there lives a prodigious scholar behind the pacified personality and there resides a boundless ocean of knowledge behind the subconscious mind who sought solitude from the vicinity of school long ago. He is not even equipped with formal school education but when he begins to speak, he leaves behind philosophers and scholars of his time. The simplicity of his words soluble in reality has the power of Newtonian attraction.  The paradigm which he has tended to follow has been shrouded with human virtuous embedded within the aim of serving mankind.

Being coddled by the beauty of nature in the lap of Chitral valley, he developed a strong feeling for the maintenance of lavishing scenery all around. He initiated acting upon his thoughts by doing tranquil researches letting the Hadith “CLEALINESS IS HALF A FAITH” be his slogan. He drew an enchanting drawing of clean and green environment in his mind and struggled to find ways to transfer it to other’s minds around. After accomplishing the task assigned to him by his vivacious conscience, he started presenting it through the majesty and beauty of his language. The fragrance of his message scattered in the streets which was grown up in the silence of his soul. Because he aimed to sail his ship of service in the ocean of reality, leaving behind the land of dreams. So, he started visiting schools, talking to the students about hygiene within the Islamic teachings and scientific proofs, through the educational institutions, which he termed as the lotus with countless Patel. He preceded working on this mission.

He made small societies within schools that united the youth and gave them a channel through which they can contribute for the betterment of their community. The school children showed a great sense of responsibility whenever they were given a joint task like taking part in plantation campaign, practical cleaning campaign, took active part in school picnics, local functions, voluntary services, and helped CHEPS in conveying its message of clean and green Pakistan in various festivals. Even some students in few schools got the idea of society making and developed it into an admirable extend that was implanted into their innocent mind by Rehmat Ali Jaffar dost. He really molded himself into a change agent for the youth of Chitral.

He gave them the responsibility of maintaining cleanliness within the schools and outside it as well. He also started giving the notion of growing more and more plants for the sustainability of the balance of the ecosystem. Gradually, the whispering of his flute turned into loud music whose heart touching tunes gathered the people irrespective of their age, status and sect into one platform under the slogan of clean and green environment. He went door to door to spread the message of hygiene from the deep villages of proper Chitral to the heights of Boroghil.

This is a tremendous achievement for Mr. Rehmat Ali whose enthusiasm bowed the heads of the degree holders with regret who have been using education as the source of filing their bank balance only.

The words, if fitly spoken, may help to improve relationships and negotiation or enhance the quality of life. The sense of humor and sanity of language accolade to Mr. Rehmat Ali has provided special attention of people towards his auspicious expedition. The meritorious deed of him do not wander only within the range of Terichmir, rather this incentive has crossed the gorgeous pass of Lowari top in order to quench the thirst of having a clean and green environment all around.

In a nutshell, Mr. Rehmat Ali is known to people as an omniscient person equipped with analogy of kind words that belong to nature and it seems that his response to the nature is as same as the nature does to us. He listens to the silent nature and translates it to the people just like a doctor, who listen to the silent palpitation of the heart and aware his patient about the whispering of his heart. Although he departed from school just after primary level, but now he is an institution in his own. He has not been to high school due to his weak sight, he cannot write as we do, he cannot read as we can, but his vision needs no sight, His mission needs  no guide, his lips pay service to only nature, his heart is wandering in between the atmosphere and the core of the earth.

I pay great homage to the magnanimity of such person on behalf of my whole community for the phantom of change which he has bloomed in our lives. It is quite knotty to accolade such a person even when he is at the zenith of his career.

May Almighty Allah bestow him with all his triumphs which he deserve and make us be able to comprehend his noble cause and provide him with our endorsements as much as we can do.

                                                                                                                                                                                By: Shabana Wali Morder                                                                                                                                              



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