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      June 23, 2013


To Brigadier Khush Muhammad

Respected Sir,

Itís an occurrence of exceptional excitement and pleasure for us to know about your well merited promotion to the converted rank of Brigadier. Please accept the most sincere felicitations at the fortunate happening. May ALLAH TAALA in His Measureless Benevolence grant you vitality and resolution to take on the enhanced obligations with genuine devotion, singular honor and unfailing poise.

It is nothing but the natural appreciation and reward for your dedication to profession and demonstrated competence. I pray and hope that Sir you will carry on to excel in the manner and performance observed hither to force. May ALLAH be with you and accord you many more promotion in times to come AMEEN.

With best wishes and profound regards.

Yourís sincerely

Abdul Murad Khan (Mastuj)
HQ Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) Karachi


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