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      June 21, 2013


The new Beginning

General Elections 2013 has concluded with some astonishing result as it was been predicted by the think tanks and media and has brought about many changes in political figures and challenges to the newly elected representatives and governments. In the same way the constantly deprived District Chitral has also voted for Change during electoral process and a new figure of Mr. Iftikharuddin has flourished and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has emerged as second largest party for the first time in the political history of Chitral. PTI has given tough time not only to the individual political tycoons but also proved itself against established political parties. This reflects the political awareness and maturity of Chitrali people and their inclination towards a real change.

Establishing good governance system and eradication of corruption is in the priority list of PTI manifesto. The district representatives of PTI did not bush-up from their defeat and are critically observing the diluted local authorities and line departments. In this regard Mr. Abdul Latif (district president PTI) along with the representatives of district party cabinet is working with full enthusiasm. Currently he has visited various line departments including WAPDA, C&W, Education Department and TMA and has warned the black sheep’s of these departments to rectify their orientation otherwise they should be ready for serious consequences. In the same way PTI district cabinet has also got recommendations for strengthening of these departments so that the lives of peoples can be make easy. This is a good sign and shows that PTI is very serious to initiate transparency and accountability mechanism at the grassroots level.

This must not end here. Only the line departments are not the only menace that the public is facing. A common man is much concerned about the mafias that exist in the local markets. These mafias are squeezing the blood of the poor and no one is here to hear their grievances. For instance the price mafia, meat mafia, Flour and cement mafia, grocery and whole sale mafia, “vegetable” mafia, transport mafia and many more.  All these mafias have developed deep roots in the markets of Chitral. Now, even the district administration has no hold over these mafias. In this worse situation the general public is looking towards PTI and its provincial government as a beacon of hope. The coming days will show how the district PTI representatives tackle this social evil.

PTI is not the only party that is responsible for addressing the needs of Chitral. The newly appointed MNA Mr. IftikharUddin who has got the mandate of people is most responsible because he is the public representative. After all he is the one who will face the people and his voters. Moreover, he has the legal power and authority over all subjects of the district. Now it is his turn to provide facilitation and support PTI to achieve this goal that is of dire need of Chitral.

It is our national dilemma that during previous governments the only matter of concern of our politician was to remain “in” in media through cheep political statements, Inessential bag outs and agitations against each other and criticism on elected members of National or Provincial assembly. I hope PTI and the newly elected MNA will give a new direction to politics. By profession Mr. Iftikahar is a development professional and he knows better the development needs of Chitral. Secondly he is energetic young blood and is not polluted with the political fly’s that are now coming closer to spoil him. It is a great challenge for Mr. MNA how he can avoid these political fly’s and serve the people of Chitral without going to biases and favors. Now this is the chance both for Mr. Iftikhar and District PTI to join hands and work for public interest through coordinated efforts and make Chitral what it has to be… land of pure, peace loving and sociable people where there is no corruption, no biases and no favoritism. Then after, people will believe that what our politicians said were not flaunt.

Imran Elahi,
Danin Chitral



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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