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      June 20, 2013


Appeal to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtonkha (KP)

In order to reduce pressure on market area traffic, previous government of KP initiated By-Pass road in Chitral bazar. In the initial stage design of the road has been developed by C&W and local district administration which extend from chew-bridge to TMO office Jughore by-passing existing Chitral bazar. This design was almost welcomed by local community, as it could provide extensive space for vehicular movement as well as opened new business centers for the people for opening shops and doing business. Unfortunately concern department totally ignored design of the mega project at the time of construction. From the very outset design was changed at the point of chew-bridge and instead of following original design contractor in collaboration with C&W department constructed additional wall along the river side and exposed entire project work to serious threat of floods which are always expected in summer season in river Chitral.

Throughout the construction process starting from chew-bridge to polo ground the road is zigzag which also reflect nepotism and inefficiency of concern department officials, as they sacrificed project work in order to protect small cabins of their near and dears.

It is also very interesting to see that C&W department changed entire by-pass road a little bit in order to protect one barber shop who might greased hands of the officials while a big building of National Bank of Pakistan razed to ground. At the point of pologround C&W department authorities are again trying to negate original design of the project again and totally converting by-pass project into extension of some feet in existing road. If by-pass project has been converted into extension of existing road it will result serious loss to business community who are running their shops in the existing bazar area. While construction of by-pass road along pologround will create new business opportunities and open new market area for the people. Mere extension of existing road in the garb of By-pass not meets the core objective of the project that is reducing traffic load on market area.

In this connection it is appealed to Chief Minister KP, Honorable Pervaiz Khatak to take notice of the issue and order an impartial enquiry into this project matter before starting of second phase construction. If an enquiry has been initiated we will provide solid evidence of inefficiency and corruption on the part of concern department and contractors which they carried out during construction of the project which resulted serious loss to national exchequer.

Abdul Nasir,
Human Rights Activist Chitral
Village Jughoor


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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