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      June 16, 2013



The Editor,

Human trafficking is a crime against humanity. It happens all over the globe. Human trafficking involves enlisting, transporting, holding captive or taking delivery forcefully, or by coercion or any other means with the intention of exploiting them. They are used for sexual exploitation or forced labor. Often men, women and children are forced to work in brothels, strip joints, massage parlors and for escort services. Some are used as free labor at farms, restaurants, or for other businesses. Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Please support policy to stop Human Trafficking! We must combat human trafficking through tougher laws.


Maha Salam
Jinnah University for women,


Modern Technology


Invention of science, modern technology and various technical gadgets like cell phones, laptops, i-phones, i-pads, palm-tops and desktops have made life easier, comfortable and convenient especially to the youths. We may not be able to dream a day without using these gadgets. Yes, these wonderful instruments have brought in so much of comforts for us as most of air aspirations, jobs and needs are fulfilled by them in a fraction of a minute. SMS, Facebook, chats have opened a new world before us and we connect to each other so aggressively. A mute question to be answered is whether these gadgets are used in the right way, for the right purpose and in right direction? Our mobiles are for casual chats and endless phone calls. Our computers are usually used for accessing social networking sites and for playing games. This will not lead us anywhere except an instant enjoyment and continued frustration. The right way of using them could be our long- cherished goals in life. These gadgets are treasure of knowledge. What our elders missed is in their generation, we are blessed with. We can use them effectively for learning, teaching and communicating. Our thoughts, ideas and concerns on social-economic and political issues can be aired through them. Our blogs, messages and facebooks can be the harbingers in eradicating social evils promoting patriotism and moulding character, qualities of head and heart. Friends we will see that gadgets are our servants and they obey us and not vice-versa.

Maha Salam
Jinnah University for women,



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